Name Meaning Gender
Abderus Myth Name (A Friend Of Hercules) Boy
Absyrtus Myth Name (Brother Of Medea) Boy
Abydos From Abydos Boy
Acastus Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Acestes Myth Name Boy
Achates Myth Name (Companion Of Aeneas) Boy
Achelous Myth Name (A River God) Boy
Acheron Myth Name (River Of Woe) Boy
Achilles Lipless Boy
Acis Myth Name (Lover Of Galatea) Boy
Aconteus Myth Name Boy
Acrisius Myth Name (Grandfather Of Perseus) Boy
Acteon Myth Name (A Hunter Torn Apart By His Own Dogs) Boy
Admetus Myth Name (A King Of Pherae) Boy
Adonis Myth Name (Lover Of Aphrodite) Boy
Adrastus Myth Name (One Of The Attackers In &Quot;The Seven Against Thebes&Quot;) Boy
Aeacus Myth Name (Grandfather Of Achilles) Boy
Aeetes Myth Name (Medea’S Father) Boy
Aegeus Myth Name (Second Husband Of Medea) Boy
Aegis Myth Name (Shield Of Zeus) Boy
Aegisthus Myth Name (Cousin Of Agamemnon) Boy
Aegyptus Myth Name (Father Of Danaides) Boy
Aeneas Praiseworthy Boy
Aeolus Myth Name (God Of The Winds) Boy
Aesculapius Myth Name (God Of Medicine) Boy
Aeson Myth Name (Father Of Jason) Boy
Agamedes Myth Name (Murdered By His Brother For Theft) Boy
Agamemnon Myth Name (Leader Of The Greek Forces Against Troy) Boy
Agenor Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Ajax Eagle Boy
Akil From The River Akil Boy
Alastair Avenger Boy
Alcides Descended From Alcaeus Boy
Alcinous Myth Name (Helps Odysseus Return Home) Boy
Alcmaeon Myth Name (One Of The Thebes Attackers) Boy
Alcyoneus Myth Name (Fought Against Athena) Boy
Alexander Defender Of Man Boy
Aloeus Myth Name (Father Of Giants) Boy
Alphenor Myth Name Boy
Alpheus Myth Name (River God) Boy
Ambrose Immortal Boy
Amphiaraus Myth Name (One Of The Attackers Of Thebes) Boy
Amphion Myth Name (Son Of Zeus) Boy
Amphitryon Myth Name (Husband Of Alcmene) Boy
Ampyx Myth Name (Father Of Mopsus) Boy
Amycus Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Anastasius Reborn Boy
Anatloe Easterner Boy
Ancaeus Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Anchises Myth Name (Father Of Aeneas) Boy
Anderson Son Of Ander Boy
Andraemon Myth Name Boy
Andrew Manly Boy
Androgeus Myth Name (Son Of Minos) Boy
Angell Messenger Boy
Anibal Graced By God Boy
Anstice Resurrected Boy
Antaeus Myth Name (Killed By Hercules) Boy
Anteros Myth Name (Mutual Love) Boy
Anthony Priceless Boy
Anthor Myth Name Boy
Antilochus Myth Name (Son Of Nestor) Boy
Antinous Myth Name (One Of Penelope’S Suitors) Boy
Antiphates Myth Name (A Cyclops) Boy
Aonghas Unique Choice Boy
Apollo Manly Beauty Boy
Arcas Myth Name (Son Of Zeus) Boy
Archemorus Myth Name (Son Of Lycurgus) Boy
Ares Myth Name (God Of War) Boy
Argo Myth Name (Name Of Jason’S Ship) Boy
Argus All-Seeing Boy
Arion Myth Name (Horse Of Adrastus) Boy
Aristaeus Myth Name (Son Of Apollo) Boy
Aristid Son Of A Great Man Boy
Aristotle Best Of Thinkers Boy
Arsene Strong Boy
Artemas Gift From Artemis Boy
Ascalaphus Myth Name (Turned Into An Owl By Persephone) Boy
Asopus Myth Name (Son Of Hector Killed At Troy) Boy
Athamas Myth Name (Father Of Phrixus And Helle) Boy
Athanasios Noble Boy
Atlas Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Atreides Descended From Atreus Boy
Atreus Myth Name (Father Of Agamemnon) Boy
Attis Myth Name (Son Of Manes) Boy
Auster Myth Name Boy
Autolycus Myth Name (Son Of Hermes) Boy
Avernus Myth Name (Portal To Hades) Boy
Balasi Flat-Footed Boy
Baltsaros Greek Form Of Balthazar Boy
Baptiste Baptizer Boy
Baruch Goodly Boy
Basil Royal Boy
Bastien Revered Boy
Baucis Myth Name (Name Of Dionysus) Boy
Bellerophon Myth Name (Slew Chimera) Boy
Biton Myth Name (Son Of A Priestess) Boy
Boethius Myth Name Boy
Boreas Myth Name (The North Wind) Boy
Briareus Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Cadmon Myth Name Boy
Cadmus From The East Boy
Calais Myth Name (Son Of Boreas) Boy
Calchas Myth Name (A Seer) Boy
Capaneus Myth Name (One Of The Attackers Against Thebes) Boy
Castor Myth Name (Brother Of Helen) Boy
Cebriones Myth Name Boy
Cecrops Myth Name (Founder Of Athens) Boy
Celeus Myth Name (Father Of Triptolemus) Boy
Cenon Friendly Boy
Cephalus Myth Name (Husband Who Killed Procris) Boy
Cepheus Myth Name (Father Of Andromeda) Boy
Cerberus Myth Name (Guardian To The Gate Of Hades) Boy
Cercyon Myth Name (Name Of A King) Boy
Cesare Long-Haired Boy
Cetus Myth Name (Sea Monster Of Poseidon) Boy
Ceyx Myth Name (Husband Of Alcyone) Boy
Charon Myth Name (Ferryman Across The River Styx) Boy
Charybdis Myth Name (A Deadly Whirlpool) Boy
Chimera Myth Name (The Monster Killed By Bellerophon) Boy
Chiron Myth Name (A Centaur) Boy
Christian Christian Boy
Christopher\, Christ-Bearer Boy
Christos Christ Boy
Chryses Myth Name (A Priest Of Apollo) Boy
Chrysostom Golden-Mouthed Boy
Claus People’S Victory Boy
Cleobis Myth Name (Son Of A Priestess) Boy
Cletus Summoned Boy
Cocytus Myth Name (River Of Lamenting) Boy
Coeus Myth Name (Father Of Leto) Boy
Corineus Myth Name Boy
Corybantes Myth Name (Priest Of Rhea) Boy
Corydon Ready To Fight Boy
Cosmas Order Boy
Cottus Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Creon Myth Name (Jocasta’S Brother) Boy
Cronus Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Ctesippus Myth Name (One Of Penelope’S Suitors) Boy
Cycnus Swan Boy
Cyprian From Cyprus Boy
Cyr\, Lordly Boy
Cyrano From Cyrene Boy
Cyrus Sun Boy
Daedalus Myth Name (Killed His Nephew) Boy
Daemon Myth Name (Guardian Spirit) Boy
Damaskenos From Damascus Boy
Damian Tame Boy
Damocles Myth Name (A Tyrant Of Syracuse) Boy
Danaus Myth Name (Father Of The Danaides) Boy
Daphnis Myth Name (Blinded For His Infidelity) Boy
Dardanus Myth Name (Founder Of Troy) Boy
Deiphobus Myth Name (A Son Of Priam) Boy
Delphinus Myth Name (A Scout Of Poseidon) Boy
Demetrius Gift From Demeter Boy
Demodocus Myth Name (A Blind Bard) Boy
Demogorgon Myth Name (Thought To Be The Name For Satan) Boy
Demophon Myth Name (Son Of Theseus) Boy
Deucalion Myth Name (Son Of Prometheus) Boy
Dhimitrios Myth Name Boy
Diomedes Myth Name (An Evil King) Boy
Dionysius Myth Name (God Of Wine) Boy
Dolius Myth Name (A Shepherd) Boy
Doran A Gift Boy
Dorian A Dorian Boy
Echion Myth Name Boy
Egidio Shield-Bearer Boy
Elek Defender Of Man Boy
Eleutherios Free Boy
Elpenor Myth Name (One Of Odysseus’S Men) Boy
Enceladus Myth Name (A Giant) Boy
Endre Manly Boy
Endymion Myth Name (A Shepherd) Boy
Enea Born Ninth Boy
Eneas Praised Boy
Epeius Myth Name (Maker Of The Trojan Horse) Boy
Epopeus Myth Name Boy
Erasmus Worthy Of Love Boy
Ercole Gift From God Boy
Erebus Myth Name (Father Of Charon) Boy
Erechtheus Myth Name (A King Of Athens) Boy
Erichthonius Myth Name (A King Of Athens) Boy
Erymanthus Myth Name (Son Of Apollo) Boy
Erysichthon Myth Name (Cursed With An Insatiable Hunger That Caused His Death) Boy
Estebe Victorious Boy
Eteocles Myth Name (Son Of Oedipus) Boy
Etor Steadfast Boy
Eubuleus Myth Name (Told Demeter About Her Daughter) Boy
Eugene\, Wellborn Boy
Eumaeus Myth Name (A Swineherd Who Fought With Odysseus) Boy
Eupeithes Myth Name (Father Of A Suitor For Penelope) Boy
Eurus Myth Name (God Of The East Wind) Boy
Euryalus Myth Name (Taunted Odysseus) Boy
Eurylochus Myth Name (Turned Into A Pig By Circe) Boy
Eurymachus Myth Name (Suitor Of Penelope) Boy
Eurypylus Myth Name (A Soldier Against Greece In The Trojan War) Boy
Eurystheus Myth Name (A Cousin Of Hercules) Boy
Euryton Myth Name (A Giant) Boy
Eusebius Pious Boy
Eustace Fruitful Boy
Evzen Noble Boy
Farris Rock Boy
Fedor Divine Gift Boy
Feodras Stone Boy
Filippo Lover Of Horses Boy
Galen Meaning Unknown Boy
Galinthias Myth Name (Servant Of Alcmene) Boy
Ganymede Myth Name (Cup-Bearer To The Gods) Boy
Gelasius Laughter Boy
Georg Farmer Boy
Geryon Myth Name (Monster Killed By Hercules) Boy
Gilles Shield-Bearer Boy
Glaucus Myth Name (Son Of Minos) Boy
Gregory Vigilant Boy
Guilio Young Boy
Gyes Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Haemon Myth Name (Son Of Creon) Boy
Hali Sea Boy
Halirrhothius Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Halithersis Myth Name (Seer Who Warns Penelope’S Suitors) Boy
Haralambos Meaning Unknown Boy
Hasione Myth Name Boy
Hector Steadfast Boy
Helenus Myth Name (Son Of Priam) Boy
Helios Myth Name (God Of The Sun) Boy
Hephaestus Myth Name (God Of The Crafts) Boy
Hercules Myth Name (Son Of Zeus) Boy
Hermes Myth Name (Messenger Of The Gods) Boy
Hesperos Evening Star Boy
Hieronim Meaning Unknown Boy
Hipolit Freer Of Horses Boy
Hippocampus Myth Name (A Horse Of Poseidon) Boy
Hippogriff Myth Name (Part Horse\, Part Griffen) Boy
Hippolytus Myth Name (Son Of Theseus) Boy
Hippomenes Myth Name (Winner Of Atalanta) Boy
Homer Security Boy
Hyancinthe Hyacinth Boy
Hylas Myth Name (Son Of Theiodamas) Boy
Hymen Myth Name (God Of Marriage) Boy
Hyperion Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Hypnos Myth Name (God Of Sleep) Boy
Hyrieus Myth Name Boy
Iapetus Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Iasion Myth Name (Father Of Plutus) Boy
Iasius Myth Name Boy
Iason Healer Boy
Ibycus Myth Name (A Bard) Boy
Icarius Myth Name (Gave Wine To The Citizens Of Athens Who Mistook It For Poison And Killed Him) Boy
Icarus Myth Name (Son Of Daedalus) Boy
Icelos Myth Name (Son Of Hypnos) Boy
Idas Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Idomeneus Myth Name (A King Of Crete) Boy
Ignatius Fiery Boy
Inachus Myth Name (A River God) Boy
Iobates Myth Name Boy
Ion Myth Name (Son Of Apollo) Boy
Igorr Farmer Boy
Iphicles Myth Name (Hercules’ Twin Brother) Boy
Iphis Myth Name (Hanged Himself Over Unrequited Love) Boy
Iphitus Myth Name (Brother Of Iole) Boy
Irus Myth Name (Challenged Odysseus On His Return To Ithaca) Boy
Isidore Strong Gift Boy
Istvan Victorious Boy
Ivan Glorious Gift Boy
Ixion Myth Name (Father Of The Centaurs) Jacinto Boy
Jason Healer Boy
Jeno Well-Born Boy
Jerome Holy Name Boy
Jiri Farmer Boy
Julian Youthful Boy
Kadmus From The East Boy
Kaj Earth Boy
Karsten Anointed Boy
Kedalion Myth Name Boy
Keril Lordly Boy
Kester Christ-Bearer Boy
Khristos Christ Boy
Klaus People’S Victory Boy
Kolya Victorious Army Boy
Korudon Helmeted Boy
Kosmy Order Boy
Kratos Strength Boy
Kirkor Vigilant Boy
Kristian Christian Boy
Kyrillos Lordly Boy
Kyros Master Boy
Ladon Myth Name (Dragon Of Hera) Boy
Laertes Myth Name (Father Of Odysseus) Boy
Laestrygones Myth Name (A Tribe Of Giants) Boy
Laius Myth Name (Father Of Oedipus) Boy
Laocoon Myth Name (Son Of Priam) Boy
Laomedon Myth Name (Father Of Priam) Boy
Lasse People’S Victory Boy
Leander Lion Boy
Leksi Defender Of Man Boy
Lethe Myth Name (River Of Oblivion) Boy
Lichas Myth Name (Hercules’ Friend) Boy
Lidio Meaning Unknown Boy
Linus Flaxen-Haired Boy
Lippi Lover Of Horses Boy
Loxias Crooked Boy
Lycaon Myth Name (A King Of Arcadia) Boy
Lycomedes Myth Name (A King Of Scyros) Boy
Lycurgus Myth Name (A King Of The Edones) Boy
Lynceus Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Lysander Liberator Boy
Macaire Blessed Boy
Machaon Myth Name (Son Of Aesculapius) Boy
Marsyas Myth Name (A Satyr) Boy
Maurice Dark Boy
Medus Myth Name (Son Of Medea By Aegeus) Boy
Melampus Myth Name (Seer) Boy
Melanippus Myth Name (Helps Defend Thebes Against The Attackers) Boy
Melanthius Myth Name (Sides With Penelope’S Suitors Against His Master Odysseus) Boy
Meleager Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Melecertes Myth Name (Son Of Ino) Boy
Meletios Meaning Unknown Boy
Menelaus Myth Name (Brother Of Agamemnon) Boy
Menoeceus Myth Name (Father Of Jocasta) Boy
Mentor Wise Counselor Boy
Mette Pearl Boy
Mezentius Myth Name Boy
Midas Myth Name (Turned Everything He Touched To Gold) Boy
Mikolas People’S Victory Boy
Mimis Myth Name Boy
Minos Myth Name (Son Of Zeus) Boy
Momus Myth Name (God Of Ridicule) Boy
Mopsus Myth Name (A Seer) Boy
Myles Destroyer Boy
Myron Myrrh Boy
Nape Myth Name Boy
Napolean Of The New City Boy
Narcissus Daffodil Boy
Nauplius Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Nectarios Name Of A Saint Boy
Neleus Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Nemo From The Glen Boy
Neotolemus Myth Name (Son Of Achilles) Boy
Nereus Myth Name (Father Of The Nereids) Boy
Nestor Wisdom Boy
Nicholas People’S Victory Boy
Nisus Myth Name (Father Of Scylla) Boy
Notus Myth Name (The South Wind) Boy
Obiareus Myth Name (A Titan) Boy
Oceanus Myth Name (Father Of The Oceanids) Boy
Ocnus Incompetent Boy
Odysseus Wrathful Boy
Oedipus Swollen Foot Boy
Oeneus Myth Name (King Of Calydon) Boy
Oenomaus Myth Name (Son Of Ares) Boy
Oighrig Well-Spoken Boy
Oles Defender Of Man Boy
Ophelos Profit; Help Boy
Ophion Myth Name (A Serpent) Boy
Orestes From The Mountain Boy
Orion Son Of Fire Boy
Orpheus Myth Name (Son Of Apollo) Boy
Orthros Myth Name (Guardian Of Geryon) Boy
Otis Keen Of Hearing Boy
Owen Well-Born Boy
Palaemon Myth Name (A Sea God) Boy
Palamedes Myth Name (Son Of Nauplius) Boy
Pan Myth Name (God Of Flocks) Boy
Panagiotis All-Holy Boy
Pancratius Supreme Ruler Boy
Pandareos Myth Name (A Thief) Boy
Pandarus Myth Name (Killed For Breaking A Truce) Boy
Panteleimon Merciful Boy
Parthenios Virgin Boy
Paris Myth Name (Son Of Priam) Boy
Patroclus Myth Name (Achilles’ Best Friend) Boy
Pegasus Myth Name (Winged Horse) Boy
Peisistratus Myth Name (Son Of Nestor) Boy
Peleus Myth Name (Father Of Achilles) Boy
Pelias Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Pelops Myth Name (Father Of Atreus) Boy
Peneus Myth Name Boy
Pentheus Myth Name (A King Of Thebes) Boy
Perdix Myth Name (Killed By His Uncle) Boy
Pericles Myth Name Boy
Persius Myth Name (Son Of Danae) Boy
Peter Rock Boy
Phaethon Myth Name (Son Of Helios) Boy
Phantasos Myth Name (Son Of Hypnos) Boy
Phaon Myth Name (A Ferryman) Boy
Phemius Myth Name (A Bard) Boy
Pheobus Shining Boy
Philander Lover Of Man Boy
Philemon Loves Thought Boy
Philip\, Lover Of Horses Boy
Philo Friend Boy
Philoctetes Myth Name (Killed Paris) Boy
Philoetius Myth Name (A Cowherd) Boy
Phineas Mouth Of Brass Boy
Phlegethon Myth Name (River Of Fire) Boy
Phoenix Myth Name (A Bird That Built Its Own Pyre And Then Was Reborn From The Ashes) Boy
Phrixus Myth Name (Son Of Nephele) Boy
Phorbas Myth Name Boy
Phorcys Myth Name (A Sea God) Boy
Pirithous Myth Name (Friend Of Theseus) Boy
Pirro Red-Haired Boy
Pittheus Myth Name (King Of Trozen) Boy
Pityocamptes Pine-Bender Boy
Plato Broad Boy
Plexippus Myth Name (An Argonaut) Boy
Plutus Myth Name (Wealth) Boy
Polites Myth Name Boy
Pollux Myth Name (Brother Of Helen) Boy
Polycarp Much Fruit Boy
Polydamas Myth Name (A Trojan Warrior) Boy
Polydeuces Myth Name (Pollux) Boy
Polydorus Myth Name (Son Of Priam) Boy
Polyeidus Myth Name (A Seer) Boy
Polymestor Myth Name (Priam’S Son-In-Law) Boy
Polynices Myth Name (Uncle Of Oedipus) Boy
Polyphemus Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Pontus Sea Boy
Porfirio Purple Stone Boy
Poseidon Myth Name (God Of The Sea And Ocean) Boy
Priam Myth Name (King Of Troy) Boy
Priapus Myth Name (God Of Fertility) Boy
Procrustes Myth Name (Stretcher) Boy
Prokopios Declared Leader Boy
Prometheus Myth Name (Gave Fire To Man) Boy
Protesilaus Myth Name (Offered Himself As A Sacrifice For The Greeks When They Arrived At Troy) Boy
Proteus Myth Name (A Sea God) Boy
Pygmalion Myth Name (King Of Cyprus) Boy
Pylades Myth Name (Friend Of Orestes) Boy
Pyramus Myth Name (Lover Of Thisbe) Boy
Pyrrhus Myth Name (King Of Epirus) Boy
Rasmus Amiable Boy
Rhadamanthus Myth Name (A Judge In The Underworld) Boy
Rhesus Myth Name (King Of Thrace) Boy
Rhoecus Myth Name (Saved Hamadryad) Boy
Risto Christ-Bearer Boy
Rodas Rose Garden Boy
Salmoneus Myth Name (During Trojan War\, Pretended To Be Zeus) Boy
Sanders Defender Of Man Boy
Sarpedon Myth Name (Killed By Patroclus During The Trojan War) Boy
Sebastian Revered Boy
Seoirse Farmer Boy
Sidney From Sidon Boy
Simeon Sign Boy
Sinon Myth Name (Convinced The Trojans To Pull The Horse Inside The City Walls) Boy
Sisyphus Myth Name (Son Of Aelous) Boy
Socrates Name Of A Philosopher Boy
Soterios Savior Boy
Spyridon Round Basket Boy
Stamitos Enduring Boy
Stephen Victorious Boy
Stoffel Christ-Bearer Boy
Tadhg Honor Boy
Takis All-Holy Boy
Talus Myth Name (Mechanical Man Made By Hephaestus) Boy
Tantalus Myth Name (Condemned To Eternal Torment) Boy
Taxiarchai Archangel Boy
Telamon Myth Name (Father Of Ajax) Boy
Telegonus Myth Name (Son Of Odysseus) Boy
Telemachus Myth Name (Son Of Odysseus) Boy
Telephus Myth Name (Son Of Hercules) Boy
Tereus Myth Name (King Of Thrace) Boy
Teucer Myth Name (An Archer) Boy
Teuthras Myth Name (King Of Mysia) Boy
Thamyris Myth Name (A Musician Punished For Hubris) Boy
Thanatos Myth Name (Death) Boy
Thanos Noble Boy
Thaumas Myth Name (Father Of The Harpies) Boy
Theoclymenus Myth Name (Befriended By Telemachus) Boy
Theodore Gracious Gift Boy
Theon Godly Boy
Theophile Divinely Loved Boy
Theron Hunter Boy
Thersites Myth Name (Soldier In The Trojan War) Boy
Theseus Myth Name (Son Of Aegeus) Boy
Thyestes Myth Name (Brother Of Atreus) Boy
Tigris Myth Name Boy
Timothy God-Fearing Boy
Tiresias Myth Name (A Blind Seer) Boy
Titus Of The Giants Boy
Tityus Myth Name (A Giant) Boy
Toxeus Myth Name (Brother Of Althaea) Boy
Tracy Harvester Boy
Triptolemus Myth Name (Taught Agriculture By Demeter) Boy
Triton Myth Name (Son Of Poseidon) Boy
Trophonius Myth Name (Brother Of Agamedes) Boy
Tydeus Myth Name (Father Of Diomedes) Boy
Tyndareus Myth Name (Father Of Castor) Boy
Typhon Myth Name (A Child Of The Titans) Boy
Tyrone Lord Boy
Ulysses Wrathful Boy
Uranus Myth Name (Sky) Boy
Urian From Heaven Boy
Vanko Gracious Gift Boy
Vasilis Regal Boy
Xanthus Myth Name (A River God) Boy
Xuthus Myth Name (Son Of Helen) Boy
Xenophon Strange Voice Boy
Xenos Stranger Boy
Xerxes Leaving Boy
Xylon From The Forest Boy
Yrjo\, Yuroch Farmer Boy
Zale Power Of The Sea Boy
Zarek God Protect The King Boy
Zelotes Zealous Boy
Zelus Myth Name Boy
Zenas Living Boy
Zeus Myth Name Boy
Zenon Friendly Boy
Zephyrus Myth Name Boy
Zetes Myth Name (Son Of Boreas) Boy
Zoltan Life Boy
Zotikos Meaning Unknown Boy
Adrial Boy
Ares God Of War Boy
Corban A Gift Devoted To God. Boy
Damaris Gentle Boy
Damian Tame Boy
Darien Gift. Variant Of Darin. Boy
Darrius He Who Upholds The Good. Boy
Dimitur Lover Of The Earth. Boy
Javan Son Of Japtheth Boy
Jayson Healer. Alternate Spelling Of Jason. Boy
Karsten Blessed Or Annointed One. Alternate Spelling: Carsten. Variant Of Kristian. Boy
Nikolas Victory To The People. Variant Of Nicholas. Boy
Orion Son Of Fire Boy
Pericles A Man With Honour Boy
Sebastian Boy
Sigfreid Victorious Peace. Boy
St?Ane Crowned One Boy
Tannis Worker Of Leather/Hide Tanner Boy
Taryn King Of Rocky Hill. Variant Of Tarynn. Boy
Theron Hunter Boy